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Welcome to the Fractured Realm! Enjoy your stay and get ready for the Rifts


Rates, Levels and Gameplay Changes

The rates for the server are completely modified to make progression more linear, as such, there's no way to specify the rates in the regular way. The feeling is between 10x to 100x depending on current level and clear speed. However, it'll never feel too fast or too slow, and albeit Lv9999 is possible, it should take a CONSIDERABLE amount of effort, since leveling as usual isn't enough.

The max level must be increased either by rebirthing, farming regular monsters for soul levels, killing regular or rift mvps on training with master ken on the west wing. Each soul level also gives you 10 stat points.

  • There's a BIG exp penalty for killing monsters much lower than your level, along with massive exp bonuses for killing stronger monsters.
  • ANY monster in the game can drop a massive random list of items that includes weapons, armors, costumes, shadow gear and many more, with random mods and refines.
  • The max level is capped, you start with level 99 as your max level. To increase this cap you need to increase your Soul Reaver Level by either killing lots of monsters or bosses. You also gain max level cap by rebirthing and training with Master Ken.
  • All Classes are available, and you can even pick a second class and have access to all it's skills and gear save for weapons.
  • Attributes effects are changed since you can stack a massive amount of those. You need to keep increasing your hit, flee, crit and etc to keep up the damage.
  • Using Warp Stones require them to be unlocked first. They can be found in the main cities, many dungeons sometimes specific dungeon floors (with nightmare/instances/illusion) or instance entrances, and some are in fields. No kafra teleportation is available. Airships and boats are still available though.
  • Dungeon Access Quests have been mostly streamlined, nerfed or completely removed (like Nameless Island).
  • There are Red and Blue Rifts all over, Red Rifts are static fractured versions of their original map, with harder monsters with higher drop rates. Blue Rifts are unstable and generate an instance with wandering random monsters packs of stationary random monsters, events (might be treasures, might be more monsters, might be a boss), map and music. They have special drops and a boss at the end, there's also special currency you can earn in them.
  • Stronger monsters drop higher quality Items, higher quality items have better mods. The mods can also be transferred to other items that fit the same slot.
  • Special status interactions, for example, ASPD can stack past 190 but instead of boosting attack speed it causes a chance to deal EXTRA HITS per attack/skill.

Monster level.png


Lv 1300 Guillotine Cross Main/Kagerou Sub fighting different levels of enemies and getting 100% crit'd from stronger enemies/Example random mods/ overall status screen differences, even with the massive values, the enemies scale accordingly to a decent geared character and keeps the game challenging.

Class and skill changes

  • Critical: Every skill, attack and magic spell can crit, even healing. Skills that have crit modifiers in normal servers get bonus crit chance instead.
  • Scaling Bonuses: All skills received base level and a stat modifier to increase their power.
  • Flat skill changes: Buffs like Blessing, masteries and SP Regen now give % bonus damage instead of a fixed amount, making them always relevant.
  • Increased Procs: Double Attack, Triple Attack and others have increased proc rate.
  • Improved Soul Links: You can receive a soul link for your sub class, or cast a soul link on yourself if you have soul linker as a sub/main job. Now you can be the ultimate support with a priest+soul linker with a special holy light damage ring and make a joke into a very lethal possibility.
  • Stones: They can completely change the gameplay style of some builds, want to have an army at your disposal? You can! Wan't to spam spells and cause a shower of multi hits? it's possible now!
  • Special Rents: You can rent falcon, dragons, and carts even for a sub job (for example, with a rune knight sub a YOU CAN SUMMON A PET DRAGON TO USE DRAGON SKILLS)
  • Rebirth Systems: Every time you rebirth you unlock an extra job to use and receive it's soul when it's active as a sub job.
  • Dual Wield Unlocked: You can dual wield weapons when having a sub job Assassin or Kagerou/Oboro, note that the attack animations won't change.
  • Special Stats: Spell Echo for automatic repeating of spells, Multi Strike for extra skill hits, Dispel Resistance, Reflect negation for ignoring that vicious Max Pain and many more possible mods! (Check the ingame book on inventory to learn more about these).
  • Scaling: Everything requires better planning for high levels, since crit resistances, flee, hit and other requirements will keep increasing constantly, you also have access to scaling items, such as food items, charms and more that give you stat based % bonuses. Drop rates are also increased on Fractured Maps along with item quality.

Items and Mods

All the items have the possibility of being modded, no exceptions.

  • Random Items: All common items can drop either directly from monsters or from boxes (available either as random global drops or the quartermaster), it can be either a cotton shirt or an excalibur, maybe a costume wing, maybe a shadow gear, the options are many. All random drops guarantee at least 1 mod (and more mods can be added through currency).
  • Currency Items: They can drop on the same system as the regular items, and some might roll values of mods, create new mods, delete mods, improve item quality, refine items, transfer mods and even clone an item! There are also the Fractured Coins that can be used for many activities ingame.
  • Pendant, Charms and Stones: Your pendant improves with you and by following some simple quests, Charms are rare drops that have effect with no need to be equipped, and the Stones require shard drops from rifts and can also be improved on a Castle East Wing NPC.
  • Crafting Materials: Unique crafting materials can be used to make special Lv1 gear to level alts, rebirth or even improve your current loadout, specially with their high attack weapons and % bonuses. These items can be powered up with those materials and even taken to a second tier (they require level 500) which get much better boosts and can be enhanced with powerful bonuses.
  • Refining Overhauled: Completely new refining system where it's impossible to break an item and fail decreases refine level by just 1, along with very improved chances and special bonuses up to +30 and refines up to +100 for extra damage and defenses.
  • Special Enchants: Enchants of official items are reworked to give more relevant bonuses, no more +3 dex when you have over 50, favoring good enchants.

Fractured Maps and Unstable Rifts


The main leveling feature past lv 100, rifts give new challenges and keeps the game fresh. You can find the level of the rifts in a given map on the warpstones, which will always tell you the normal level and the level of the rifts that spawn on that map. Rifts can be found with a purple cross on the map and also are tracked on the world map with their corresponding levels.

Fractured Maps can be found by talking to Rift Tracker Monica in the Castle. She can also tell you where you can find blue rifts near your level and gives a simple quest at level 99 for a set of starter gear.

  • Fractured Maps(X Maps)(Red): Remixes of old maps with higher level monsters, they also will have increased drop rate chance and experience.
  • Unstable Rifts(Blue): Every rift includes a random set of monsters, map layout, bgm and a special boss at the end. The rifts also include special events marked on the map in yellow for special interactions and possible extra bosses and rewards, these also help progress the rift. Unstable rift monsters do not have their usual drop rewards and award shards and random items only. Keep in mind that blue rifts can be reentered if the party dies by entering any other blue rift on any map.
  • To find the unstable rift in your level range, press ctrl+` (the key left to the number 1) to open the world map, and press tab. It'll show you what specific level each map has. Monica can also give you an idea of what is clsoe to your level. When lookin in warp stones they also list the level range of the map they are on.
  • Blue Rifts also Spawn Rift Treasures randomly, they can either spawn extra MvPs, mobs, items or other surprises, they are noted by a golden + on the minimap.


  • Red rift mobs still drop their standard loot (sellables and cards) and killing red rift mobs add to your Soul Reaver. The red rift mobs also provide better EXP on average compared to its same level, blue rift counterpart.
  • Killing blue rift mobs doesn't drop any standard loot but they do drop the aforementioned Stone Shards which are used to upgrade the Limitless Stone Charms.

Soul Power

A custom RO:TFR armor which utilizes the Soul Power system.

During the course of playing the game, you will likely encounter several references to the terms Soul Power, Soul Reaver, and Soul Points.

Soul Points

  • Can be accumulated through multiple ways: killing regular/rift MVPs, champion monsters, specific monsters/minibosses, and increasing your Soul Reaver level.
  • Regular MVPs: Each provides 300-3000 soul points (one time)
  • Rift MVPs: Each provides 200 soul points (one time)
  • Champion Monsters: Each provides 75 soul points (one time)
  • Soul Reaver: Each added rank provides 150 soul points and are obtained from any kill that gives experience.
  • You can obtain soul points from the specific MVPs/Champions/minibosses only on your first time killing them.

Soul Reaver

  • Killing a specific number of mobs grants you a Soul Reaver rank.
  • Any monster that would be worth experience (even ones that you outlevel and don't get EXP from) will count towards accumulation of kills for increasing Soul Reaver.
  • As you rank up your Soul Reaver, the amount of kills needed to rank it up also increases, following this formula: (Required Kills = 50 + Current Rank)
  • Example: If your current Soul Reaver rank is 90, you will need to kill 140 mobs to increase your rank to 91.
  • Soul Reaver goes all the way to Rank 1000, after that it stops.

Soul Power

  • The accumulation of your total Soul Points dictate your Soul Power.
  • For each 150 Soul Points, you gain 1 Soul Power.
  • Each Soul Power provides +2 level cap and +10 Status Points. Certain equipment also benefit from your Soul Power value.