Pendant, Charms, Stones

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These items have their effect just by having them on your inventory, much like the charms from Diablo II, each work in a different way and cannot be sold to npcs. (but the charms can be disenchanted)

  • You can have only 1 Pendant, 1 of each type of stat bonus Charm and 1 Limitless Stone at a time.


  • The pendant has 3 upgrade levels. It doesn't need to be equipped to take effect
  • 1st stage: you get random Gem Fragments from monsters, for each 10 you can trade for a town gem with the 4 guards on the west wing, with 4 gems and a +100 pendant, talk to Anabelle outside to get a special garment box and the next pendant.
  • 2nd stage: you need to talk to the guards about strong monsters, kill MVPs until you get 4 runes, upgrade them with the guards, get the pendant with 4 runes and +100 upgrade to Anabelle to get a better special garment box and the next pendant.
  • 3rd stage: Talk to the guards, clear the Baphomet's Castle Raid and get the item (it's not guaranteed), and return to the guards to get the final upgrade and take the +100 pendant to Anabelle for a final bonus.


All charms can be obtained with random drops, they have quality and mods.



You can have only one Limitless Stone at a time.

Unstable rift monsters drop the shards needed to craft the stones.

  • Crafting stones requires 20 shards, and 10 subsequent shards for each upgrade, up to +100.
  • Stones are not lost and are saved on the NPC, you can swap them around anytime through him.
  • You get a secret reward when you get every stone to +100, talk to Yobo when you do this for details.
Stone Main Effect Recommended Use Color
Force POW, STR, AGI, DEX, LUK, Critical Damage and Double Damage Chance bonuses. Overall damage geared towards physical classes Purple
Cosmic CRT bonus. Move Speed, P.Dodge, Cast Delay, Aftercast and Cooldown Recovery bonuses. Enables use of Teleport/Warp Portal/Perfect Hiding, Removes gemstone cost. Very good convenience and skill spam Blue
Spirit CON bonus. Changes to Ghost Property. Summons 6 minions, minions have a portion of user's level and stats. Necromancer-like changes. Orange
Truth STA and VIT bonuses. Permanent Endure and Cloaking vision, Max HP and HP Regen, Increased threat for raid tanking Best for tanking and sustain Red
Temporal WIS bonus. Multi Strike and Spell Echo, Chance to revive on death, crit rate and crit shield, any revives fully heals. Good for high risk situations and getting extra hits Green
Wisdom SPL, INT, DEX, AGI and LUK bonuses. Magic damage increase, casting can't be interrupted Good for safe mages, especially early game. Yellow