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Fractured Coins

Fractured Coins are the premium currency of the server, they can be reliably farmed or bought with donation points.

  • Any MVP has a low chance to drop them on kill.
  • Rift MVPs have a moderate chance to drop one as well, up to 30 per week.
  • Random drops from monsters at a low rate. Improved with rift monsters.
  • They can be bought in sets of untradeable bags.
  • Raid Boss chests and clears get more coins scaling with level.
  • Vip players receive 1 coin per day 3 per week and 5 extra per month.
  • Coins can be exchanged for items with the Quartermaster or for increasing max training level with master Ken they can also be used to buy Enchanting Gems from Shady Dan.
  • They are meant as an extra support to the server and can be farmed, keeping it fair.

VIP Token Benefits

VIP Token can be purchased from the Donation Shop NPC in Riftbound Castle West wing. It comes in 7-day, 15-day, 30-day, 365-day duration.

  • Increases Experience by 50%
  • Increased normal item drop rate by 50%
  • Increased enchanted item drop rate by 50%
  • Slightly improved minimum rolls on enchantments
  • Reduced Zeny cost to train with Master Ken
  • Daily, weekly and monthly login bonuses that include items such as Treasure Boxes (sold for 150k zeny ea), Old Card Albums, Mystic Blue/Purple Boxes (random food/crafted gear/costumes)
  • Also will give one random Enchanted Item box that is equal to your highest level every week and an additional box every month that also lets your choose one enchantment on your item
  • Increase character cap from 3 to 9