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Random Items are the main form of progress and are a constant stream of income and gear.

How to get Random Items?

Note: There are VERY STRONG RARE WEAPONS THAT CAN DROP FROM MVPs AT A VERY LOW CHANCE (Ancient Weapons, Royal Weapons and more). They are very rare and valuable!


There are certain rules on how to get them:

  • They drop with a higher frequency at your level + monster level < 300 to assist on gearing up.
  • On non bonus drop levels, the higher your level vs monsters, the higher the drop penalty, capped at 90%. If the monster level is higher you can get up to 20% bonus chance.
  • The drop can be an item with a random amount of mods, a box with a specific or generic type of item (always with 4 mods), currency for changing mods or a fractured coin.
  • Rift Bosses have a higher chance of drops with better quality and an extra fractured coin (up to 5 a day).
  • Instance or high end quest items don't drop. You can still craft or farm them the official way and transfer any mods to those items.
  • Bio 5 Hats and some godly items drop from boxes.
  • It may include rental or account bound items, in this case you can delete them from the inventory through the skill Disenchant and receive Dust accordingly.
  • You can buy quality specific chests from the QuarterMaster in the West Wing for fractured coins, it also includes elite boxes where you can choose enchants.

For more Information on Random Item Options (or Enchanted Item options) click HERE.


  • Sells Fractured Items and Random Boxes for Fractured Coins
  • Price for items are fixed and they come without enchants but powerful effects, boxes change in price according to box and quality.
  • Most of the items allow for specific off-meta builds or make things much different.
  • Some boxes allow choosing enchants and cost more.

Currency, Forging and Crafting items

All currency can be obtained as random drops, and most of them can also be crafted.

For More Information check HERE.