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  • There's a TON of guides in the discord guides section!
  • Save all the Gems, Mystical Dusts, and Fracture Coins you get.
  • Disenchant unwanted gears (Etc. Skill).
  • Put your desired Charms in your inventory's favorite tab (Only one copy of a certain Charm will have any effects).
  • Save Aquamarine, Topaz, Amethyst, Amber, Steel, Elunium, Oridecon, Etherite Ore, and Enchanted Materials.
  • Sell unwanted cards to the card trader.
  • Join Bombring and Monster Hunt.
  • Join available leveling parties (500 level gap for exp share).
  • You get a set of newbie gear that can last you quite a long time when you first log in.
  • You also get a newbie box (You get this on any char but each level of the box can only be opened once per account) if you open it on one character then delete that character and make another you won't get anything for opening the first box (but the next box you still can).
  • At level 90 you can get a new set of gear (from Monica in the castle) that are almost all able to be upgraded by Master Smith Ryan. You will also get some materials to upgrade at least a few pieces. This is a great way to get started.
  • Make sure to upgrade your weapons refine rate as high as you can, (you can't break it from refining just lose refine levels on failure).
  • Use exp boosting gears (Titan Helm, Poring Sunglasses, Ring Balloons/Happy Balloon/Bubble Gum, Angel Poring Boots, Valkyrie Ring, Shiny Santa Poring Hat, Novice/Advanced/Experience Shadow Shield, Novice/Advanced Shadow Shoes).
  • When you reach your cap, either pay zeny for Master Ken Training, Rebirth - Sacrifice levels for Soul Power, or kill MVPs and Champion mobs (once each monster).
  • Sell Gems to other players if you are in need of zeny for training.


The number in parenthesis is the level of the mobs in that map. Scan the maps that are close to your level. Always try if you can efficiently kill the mobs in maps higher level than yours first. Go to the map below its level if you are unable to until you reach the map you efficiently kill.

  • (1) Spawn
  • (1) South Prontera Field (prt_fild08)
  • (Job 10) Open the book (Tome of RO:TFR) to advance your class to something new!
  • (15) Rocker Field (prt_fild07)
  • (23) Creamy and Smokie area (gef_fild05) Northwest of Geffen
  • (26) Mt. Mjolnir North (mjolnir01) North of Geffen
  • (34) Mt. Mjolnir North (mjolnir02) Northeast of Geffen
  • (38) Coco Geffen Field (gef_field02)
  • (44) Orc Village(gef_fild10)
  • (50) Orc Dungeon F1 (orcsdun01)
  • (60) Orc Dungeon F2 (orcsdun02)
  • (70) Mt. Mjolnir North (mjolnir03) Northeast of Geffen
  • (79) Sky Petite Geffen Field (gef_fild08)
  • (86) Petite Geffen Field (gef_fild06)
  • (89) Glastheim Underground Prison B1 (gl_prison)
  • (90) Get your new gear set in the castle from Monica and take it to Master Artisan Ryan to upgrade it.
  • (99) Do your first rebirth to unlock more options and get more level cap.
  • (100) Glastheim Underground Prison B2 (gl_prison1)
  • (!) Upgrade your Pendant then talk to the Guards again
  • (!) Talk to the Master Artisan and craft Enchanted Gears
  • (110) Goblin Village Red Rift (gef_fild11)
  • (150) Payon Dungeon F4 Red Rift (pay_dun03)
  • (200) Ant Hell Dungeon F1 Red Rift (anthell01)
  • (250) Get a Sub-Job by rebirthing!
  • (250) Prontera Culvert F4 Red Rift (prt_sewb4) Culvert Quest is needed
  • (260) Orc Village Up Right Blue Rift (gef_fild01)
  • (280) Morroc Right Down Blue Rift (moc_fild11)
  • (300) Morroc Down Down Blue Rift (moc_fild18)
  • (320) Alberta Left Down Blue Rift (pay_fild06)
  • (340) Payon Right Blue Rift (pay_fild08)
  • (!) Be sure to upgrade your Pendant and talk to the Guards again
  • (!) Get a Limitless Stone
  • (350) Toy Factory 2F Red Rift (xmas_dun02)
  • (350) Beach Dungeon West Red Rift (beach_dun)
  • (380) Prontera Right Up Blue Rift (prt_fild02)
  • (420) Geffen Left Up Blue Rift (gef_fild05)
  • (500) Open the newbie box (500) to get 10 eternal steel and use some of them to craft a tier 2 weapon (and possibly other gear) at Master Artisan Ryan!
  • (540) Prontera Culvert 4 Blue Rift (prt_sewb4)
  • (600) Morroc Down Left / Outside Anthell Blue Rift (cmd_fild08)
  • (700) Glastheim Castle F1 Red Rift (gl_cas01)
  • (!) You are now eligible to do the Baphomet Raid
  • (720) Sunken Ship Blue Rift (treasure01)
  • (860) Orc Village Blue Rift (gef_fild10)
  • (1000) Orc Dungeon Blue Rift (orcsdun01)
  • (1120) Payon Right Down Right Blue Rift (pay_fild10)
  • (1260) Labyrinth Forest Blue Rift (prt_maze01)
  • (1360) Morroc Down Right Right Right Blue Rift (moc_fild14)
  • (1400) Mistress Map Blue Rift (mjolnir_04)
  • (1500) Geffen Dungeon F3 Red Rift (gef_dun02)
  • (1560) Sphinx Blue Rift (in_sphinx)
  • (1860) Clock Tower B1 Blue Rift (alde_dun01)
  • (!) Forge the Limitless Gauntlet
  • (2000) Turtle Dungeon 4 Red Rift (tur_dun04)
  • (!!!) At this point, the scaling of some enchantments on gears starts to diminish. This is the best time to create you base gears (Fracture, Illusion, Odin Past, Bio 5, Ein3, Abyss4, etc.). After gathering your base gears, farm Enchanted Equipments with the right enchants for your build and transfer the enchants to your base gear by using Absorption Gems. These gears can carry you till the end game. Just upgrade their quality and enchants by the use of Absorption Gems from time to time if you feel like you need more stats.
  • (2200) Turtle Island Blue Rift (tur_dun01)
  • (2300) Turtle Island 3 Blue Rift (tur_dun03)
  • (2560) Turtle Island 4 Blue Rift (tur_dun04)
  • (2660) Hugel Field F7 Blue Rift (hu_fild07)
  • (2740) Veins Up Up Blue Rift (ve_fild04)
  • (2800~) Ice Dungeon 2F/3F Blue Rift (ice_dun02/03)
  • (2920) Veins Up Up Left Blue Rift (ve_fild03)
  • (2950) Magma Dungeon F1 Red Rift (mag_dun01)
  • (3100) Nameless Island Blue Rift (nameless_n)
  • (3300) Rachel Sanctuary F1 Blue Rift (ra_san01)
  • (3500) Cursed Abbey Dungeon F1 Blue Rift (abbey01)
  • (3600) Biolabs F2 Red Rift (lhz_dun02)
  • (3900) Thanatos Tower Red Rift (tha_t01 )
  • (4000) Biolabs 3 Red Rift (lhz_dun03)
  • (4000) Abyss Lake 3 Red Rift (abyss_03)
  • (4340) Bifrost Tower F1 Blue Rift (ecl_tdun01)
  • (4780) Bifrost Tower F3 Blue Rift (ecl_tdun03)
  • (5100) Odin's Temple North Area Red Rift (odin_tem03)
  • (5100) Illusion of Moonlight Blue Rift (pay_dun_i)
  • (5300) Illusion of Abyss Blue Rift (tur_d03_i)
  • (5500) Illusion of Teddy Bear Blue Rift (ein_d02_i)
  • (5700) Chaotic Labyrinth Blue Rift (prt_maze03_i)
  • (6000) Magma Dungeon F3 Red Rift (mag_dun03)
  • (6400) Einbroch Crystal Caves Red Rift (ein_dun03)
  • (6940) Odin Temple Past Blue Rift (odin_past)
  • (7000) Odin Temple Past Red Rift (odin_past)
  • (7400) Thanatos Tower F9 Red Rift (tha_t09)
  • (7600) Thanatos Tower F10 Red Rift (tha_t10)
  • (7700) At this level you can buy 10k Quality Elite Enchanted Boxes on the Fractured Coin Shop. Elite Enchanted Box lets you choose the enchantments on the gear you bought. I suggest going in this order of priority (if applicable) 2H Weapon, Wing, Armor, 1H Weap, Shield, Garment, Accessories. After getting the gear, use Greater Absorption Gem on it and transfer the enchants to your base gears.
  • (7720) Oz's Labyrinth F2 Blue Rift (oz_dun02)
  • (7800) Thanatos Tower F11 Red Rift (tha_t11)
  • (8000) Thanatos Tower F12 Red Rift (tha_t12)
  • (8200) Niffleheim Dungeon F1 Red Rift (nif_dun01)
  • (9700) Niffleheim Dungeon 2F Blue Rift (nif_dun02)
  • (9700) Varmundt Mansion Biospheres, there's 4 of them and they go up to 11000 as blue or a little less as red rifts.
  • (!) Upgrade your Pendant


A variety of item modification gems drop in the game which can alter items in many ways including copying some items and also pulling enchants off items to be put onto other items. Completing levels of The Spire of Infinity can get you bags of gems and the bags can also occasionally drop. The gems themselves can also drop off most monsters.


Charms are items that do not require being equipped to give their bonuses, but you can only have bonuses from one of each type at a time. The charm that gives a bonus is determined either by being in your favorites or somewhat randomly if not. It's always best to drag your best versions of each charm to your favorites tab in your inventory (the bottom most tab) so you don't accidently sell it and so the right one is taking effect.


The Pendant is a charm class of item that gains experience as you do. This item can be upgraded many times to gain more bonuses. Talk to Helper Annabelle outside of the Riftbound Castle to upgrade after completing quests with the 4 Captains inside the castle on the left and leveling your pendant to 100. You can upgrade the pendant 4 times, each time it's level resets to 1 and it can gain levels again.

Fractured Coins

Fractured coins are the primary special currency of the server. They can be used to buy fractured gear upgrade that gear and buy other special consumables.

Fractured Coins can be purchased with donation points and you can also obtain them through a variety of activities in the game. Some of these include:

  • Killing Rift Bosses (up to 30 coins per week)
  • Participating in random events (10 per week from participating and 3 from winning)
  • Rewards from Random Invasions that sporadically occur (5 per week)
  • Random monster drops (low chance)
  • Completing Baphomets Castle raid, (20-30 depending on difficulty)
  • Completing the daily rift quest (1 per day)
  • Being VIP (1 per day, 3 per week and 5 per month)
  • Completing levels of The Infinite Spire for the first time (every 5 levels gets at least 1 coin)


Stable Rifts

These are the Red Rifts on some maps and are higher level versions of those maps with (in some cases) new drops or improved drop rates.

Unstable Rifts

The random Blue Rifts on just about every map (that has monsters on it) which take you to a random map with random monsters, bosses, music and small events that show up.

Soul Power

Soul Power is a way of improving your character by claiming the souls of monsters and MVPs. Every MVP gives a set number of points per kill for the first kill and any monster that gives exp also gives points towards "Soul Reaver" level which in turn provides Soul Power. The more Soul Power you have the higher your level cap becomes and you also gain extra stat points to place.

Advanced Stats

A number of new stats have been added to allow for additional gameplay options. This is not an all inclusive list but some examples:

  • Multi-Strike - Cause auto attacks and non-magic skill to repeat by a % chance, over 100% can add more repeats.
  • Spell Echo - Same as multi-strike but for magic spells and heals.
  • Mastery Level - A very important stat that effectively increases your current level, 200 mastery would make you considered 200 levels higher for most things that look at your level. This is very important at max level when mosnters can go past 9999 but players can't. If a monster outlevels you your effectiveness in combat is GREATLY reduced.
  • Negate Resistance - Reduces a monsters resistance to an element, this can't go negative so 100% is the max. If a monster is Poison based and would normally resist say 75% of your poison damage, having 75% negate makes you deal 100% damage to them.
  • Pierce X def/mdef - Similar to ignore % def/mdef this adds a flat value AFTER the % is calculated (% ignore is capped at 50%) allowing you to reduce defense or magic defense to 0 (can't go below 0).
  • Chance to deal Double Damage - A simple chance to have any attack deal twice the normal amount of damage, more than 100% does nothing.
  • Skill Radius - Increases the radius of skills with some conditions, it can't add more than 100% of the base radius and is limited to a max of 7 (15x15). If you have a skill with 7 or higher radius already it will do nothing.
  • +Skill Levels - Increases the effective level of all skills (or specific skills in some cases) which typically increases the % damage of the skill or in the case of buffs how much stat bonus they provide. No skill gets radius or range and most durations are not affected by this. Not every skill gains benefit from +all skills. This bonus does not show up in the skill tree (I tried it but it breaks the client) so you have to check your book for your total to all skills. Individual skills must also be counted separately.
  • Deflect Attack - Deflected attacks deal 75% reduced damage, you can deflect ranged magic and physical attacks separately.

Random Options

Most of the above bonuses can be found randomly on items or in some cases can be obtained by using a Corrupting Gem on an item which randomly modifies the item in unpredictable ways. Additionally other stats can be found randomly on items, the higher the Quality (or Corruption) of an item the greater the magnitude of the bonuses. After quality 2000 many bonuses (anything % related) start scaling in a much smaller fashion though they do continue to scale slowly with higher quality. Attack MATK and flat max HP are among the bonuses that continue to scale all the way though they do have cap values that once hit will not scale anymore at all (game limitations).

Item Crafting

Master Artisan Ryan on the right side of the castle can craft a number of items to support just about any build. These items have no level requirement initially though the final tier does require level 500. They can be enhanced to have additional mods added to them such as +atk and +def etc. These items require varius enchanted materials which can be found from monsters and especially from MVPs, entire bundles can be found. You will get some free materials from Monica at level 90 as well as a base line set of gear for your class. These items make good in betweens while you work on fractured items good for your desired build(s).

Limitless Stones

Blue rift monster will occasionally drop fragments of Limitless Stones which are powerful charms that you can have created by the clown Yobo, they can be upgraded all the way to level 100 (refine 100) and when all 6 are at 100 a special quest will be unlocked.

Baphomet Raid

The first and currently only Raid in the game, it's a much tougher dungeon intended for multiple players. The bosses use threat as a mechanic meaning if you don't have a tank with +threat gear they go after who did the most damage and tend to hit quite hard. You can only kill each boss once per week on any difficulty. Higher difficulty kills give better rewards.

Fractured Gear Enhancement

Esmerelda on the left side of the castle can add enhancements to Fractured equipement, these are very strong bonuses that also scale based on certain conditions as well as enchant grade.

Enchant Grade

All items can have enchant grade added to them, for Weapons that are level 4 and Armor that are level 1 the max grade is 4 or "A Grade" for level 5 weapons level 2 armor and all other items the max grade is 6 or "SS Grade". The Enchant Grade effect is listed on the item description if there's a bonus otherwise the enchant grade for weapons adds extra atk/matk based on refine and on level 4 or 5 weapons it also adds patk/smatk. For armor it adds more def and mdef and res/mres. Most Fractured item bonuses are increased by +10% of total value per enchant grade though anything related to skill radius or +skill levels does not gain any extra bonus from enchant grade.

Upgrade Enchant Grade

Talk to Pezzletug on the right side of the castle (bottom left of that room) to upgrade the Enchant Grade of any item.