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Welcome to the Fractured Realm! Enjoy your stay and get ready for the Rifts

Important Information before beginning!

Starting can be hard, but if you understand the rules, it can be much easier:

  • Players now start with a set of basic gear with simple enchants, the accessories are very good starting since they give SP and HP drain on attack.
  • You can't break your items from refining enchant grading etc, at worst you lose 1 refine on failure. There may be some NPC processes that can still break things but most of them have been fixed to no longer have a chance to break stuff. When in doubt ask in discord!
  • You need to walk to places to unlock warp stones, so always carry fly wings/creamy card
  • The main cities are unlocked in the beginning so you can get to many locations from there to get your warp stones unlocked
  • Favor killing mobs of monsters instead of high level for more random item drops.
  • Your Level + Monster level < 300 = higher amount of loot. So if you're 160, try to kill mobs under 139 to keep the bonus while grinding. even if the exp is slightly worse, you'll get gear faster. This applies based on the highest level you have achieved, so lowering your level will not help you.
  • At level 90 you can get a new set of gear from Monica that can (mostly) be upgraded by Master Smith Ryan, this gear is based on the class you talk to Monica with and you get a set of upgrading materials.
  • Don't be afraid to use your currency and to always disenchant unwanted gear for mystical dust. High value gear can be sold to the NPC on the beginning for a good starting zeny. (like if you drop a full plate as a mage).
  • Refine rates are increased. Even a Lv2 weapon at +10 is cheap to make and provides a decent bonus. Just buy a decent weapon at any weapon store for your class.
  • Reroll rifts for weaker monster if you get hard ones, just exit and re-enter them. If you get a novice porings one and still can't survive, you need better gear.
  • Don't forget to upgrade your Pendant along the way and kill unique monsters (those solid, ringleader etc) to increase your max level cap.

Basic Leveling Route:

This route works for any job, if you get decent weapon drops you can always level one spot ahead:

  • (Lv 10~40)Go to the northwest area of Prontera, in the knight's guild, there's a volunteer recruiter for prontera culverts, accept the request and speak with the guard when you get warped. You can level on the culverts all the way to job 40~50 with patience for your first job change. don't forget to unlock the warp stones on the first and final floor.
  • (Lv 30~50)If you feel it's too slow, you can go to byalan island(more exp, good cards) or sunken ship(less exp, more monster for random drops) after Lv30. Toy factory is an option as well. Metalings near lighthalzen can be a good choice.
  • (Lv 50~70)After job change, you can either go to orc village(if your class has mob control, like grand cross, bowling bash or desperado) or byalan 3~4.
  • (Lv 60~80)The choices open up! Einbroch mines(use izlude airship > yuno > einbroch), clock tower high orcs or alarms(Aldebaran), byalan 5, Umbala fields are all good choices.
  • (Lv 70~90)Byalan 5 stills a good exp spot, magma dungeon 1~2F(with good defense), sphinx 5(getting a pasana card before going to magma if needed), and magmarings near thor volcano. Drosera sniping at rachel fields may require some patience at first due to hit penalties but is possible with ranged/magic classes. Goats are also a pretty weak monster and easy to play around.
  • (Lv 80~99)Gonryun dungeon, magma dungeon 2F, Byalan 6 (with good enchants and drainliar/wind cards), Magmarings still give decent exp and you can give a try at payon's illusion dungeon (it's on the 4F, there's also a warp stone there). Beach dungeon medusas are good options too.
  • (Lv 90~99 Geared Choices) Byalan 6 and Rock Ridge are some of the best exp spots you can find.
  • (Lv 100~110) Payon Illusion dungeon, Goblin Village Red Rift (don't mob and don't rush), New world starter areas, Byalan 6, It's recommended you get some basic cards for element/size as they will make the progress much easier moving forward and you can swap weapons and remove cards as needed. Phen card/Coyote Card are very good choices as well. Niflheim field 02 also is a choice for good zeny.
  • (Lv 110~130) Illusion of vampire (geffen dungeon 2F), goblin village red rift, if you have very good gear so far, you can try blue rifts south of payon of level 130~160 and take them all the way to 175(don't try to kill bosses). Scaraba Hall can be accessed as well by going to eden group, talking to the cat, accessing new world camp. on the camp there's a red portal behind you that can take you to the hero's trail, where you can find a warp to el dicastes and enter scaraba hall from the rear without need for quests.
  • (Lv 120~150) Illusion of teddy bear (with good gear, einbroch mines 1F entrance), illusion of vampire, lower difficulty rifts and nameless island (no quest required, take the boat south of veins). abyss lake is an option as well.
  • (Lv 130~175) Ilusion of teddy bear, illusion of Turtle (Entrance on south of alberta, near docks), bio labs 2 and low tier rifts.
  • (Lv 150~200)Illusion of Turtle, bio labs 3, abyss lake 03
  • (Lv 175+) Rifts. Odin Temple Past, Abyss 04, Magma Dungeon 3F, high tier illusions, Red maps.