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Ragnarok Online: The Fractured Realms - ROTFR

Classes Information

General information regarding classes gameplay, limitations and workaround to some features.

ROTFR is the first server designed to enable different playstyles depending on your choices. You can use the dual class system to create different and special builds, there are many unique combinations with amazing potential and viability, even a meme build can work on the right hands! Check the Getting Started page for useful information!

To unlock a sub class, you need to get any class to level 250 or higher then rebirth to a novice or high novice, you can then set any previous class as a sub class (or main class if your current class is lv250 or higher).

  • Super novice can be used as a sub-job but you may not get all skills from them! Any skill you would normally have in your skill list they will NOT give!
  • If your subclass allows dual wielding (Assassin/Kagerou/Oboro) and you cant equip your 2nd weapon, travel to another map and try again, sometimes it requires a data update to work.
  • Don't forget to pick correctly between novice and high novice on your second rebirth, or you might be locked until Lv 250 with the wrong variation (Genetic and Genetic Transcendent are different classes).
  • You can make either a male or female character, but you cannot change their gender after a generation. This is due to the complicated mechanics of the server.

General Information:

  • You can wear all items of your subclass, even class restricted gear, except weapons.
  • You can only use weapons from your main class.
  • You can dual wield if your sub job allows it.
  • Most skills don't have weapon requirements, you can throw arrows with books or empty hands for example.
  • Some catalysts and ammo required for skills are removed.
  • You can use the Bio5 headgear of your sub job.
  • Keep in mind buff synergies for sub class, like mystical amplify from warlock for arch bishop for massive holy damage for example.
  • Variable Cast time for all skills changed from using (Dex*2 + Int*1) to using (Agi*2 + Dex*1)
  • After cast delay reduction for all skills now use (Dex*2 + Agi*1)
  • Magic can now miss and requires Hit just like Physical (it has a higher base hit chance than normal attacks)

Note: The following list is incomplete. Many more skills have been nerfed/buffed

Swordsman Classes

  • Rune Knight Sub class gives you a pet ferus for dragon skills
  • Reduced damage and hit bonus from Dragon Breath
  • Improved damage of Crusader's Shield Boomerang and Paladin's Shield Chain (Rapid Smiting)

Archer Classes

  • You can have a falcon or wolf if your subclass is a Ranger (wolf is invisible if it's your sub-job but it's still there)
  • Reduced the damage buff of No Limits from +250% to +75%
  • Bard/Dancer's Dances and Songs no longer have a weapon requirement, and do not block skill usage. You can use them like any other party buff.

Magician Classes

  • Frost diver, chain lightning cannot proc spell echo
  • Improved Magician's Bolt skills to deal 150% per level
  • Improved Sage and Wizard's Earth Spike to deal 300% per level
  • Increased Sorcerer's Poison Buster and Varetyr Spear damage
  • Improved Sorcerer's Spell Fist to last up to 30 attacks and 30 minutes at level 10.

Merchant Classes

  • Mastersmith's Upgrade Weapon when failing reduces refinement level of the weapon by 1 instead of destroying it, just like all other refinement NPCs
  • Mechanic sub class gives you a pet mech for Madogear skills
  • Mechanic's Front Slide and Back Slide do not consume madogear fuel
  • Most Mechanic skills do not require their respective equipment to be equipped and only need them present in your inventory. The exceptions to this are Hover and Repair.
  • Alchemist/Genetic skills that summon monsters cannot proc spell echo
  • Alchemist, Biochemist, and Genetic skills require you to have the catalyst in your inventory, but do not consume them. Illusion Doping still consumes alcohol.
  • Genetic's Spore Explosion detonates instantly, cooldown reduced from 5 seconds to 2 seconds, and is affected by vit in addition to int
  • Genetic's Demonic Fire cannot proc multi-strike, but has shorter cooldown and have up to 3 active instances
  • Genetic's Fire Expansion Lv5 no longer consumes Demonic Fire, but lower levels still consume Demonic Fire

Thief Classes

  • Bow Rogue skills are changed from archer skills for compatibility sake, you can use both archer and rogue's range passives to have 20 cells attack range (this may or may not be changed in the future)
  • Rogue's sword mastery was changed to "all weapons mastery"
  • Reduced the atk buff of Assassin Cross' Enchant Deadly Poison from +200% to +50% but it also works with magical attack.
  • Guillotine Cross' Poisoning Weapon works with any weapon, but not bare handed

Acolyte Classes

  • Sanctuary cannot proc spell echo
  • Greatly extended the duration of most Acolyte and Priest buffs

Expanded Classes

  • Kunai Splash and Kunai Throw do not consume Kunai and can be used without any Kunai in your inventory
  • Reduced the equip atk buff of Kagerou/Oboro's Earth Charm from +15% per charm to +3% per charm
  • Star Gladiator's Miracle may only activate if Star Gladiator is your main class
  • Increased radius of Star Emperor's Solar Burst and Full Moon Kick
  • Increased proc chance and range of Star Emperor's Starfall, it can now proc off of non-ranged, non-magic weapon skills
  • Dorams can equip most rods
  • Added Agi scaling to Doram's Catnip Meteor and Silvervine Stem Spear