The Spire of Infinity

I am glad to announce that The Spire of Infinity is now available for players to challenge. You start off on floor 1 with a level 150 MVP Boss, each floor contains a new MVP with modifiers that are always the same for all players but randomly generated. You can only go in alone and you will be stripped of all buffs upon entering.

Each floor progressed increases the level of the Boss by 50 and as higher levels are achieved more mods are added to the Boss including spawning powerful Healing or damage immunity Totems and even duplicate Bosses! Each floor can only be defeated once but will yield treasure boxes and items. You can challege a floor on normal or hard mode and defeating hard mode automatically gets you normal mode rewards.

These Bosses and their modifiers are no joke, they are MUCH stronger than anything you have faced yet and there's really no end. They can go all the way up to level 30,000. 

Lastly there's a new charm reward for clearing floors in the Spire, upon clearing your first floor you will get a Spire Masters charm. This charm will grow in power the higher you climb the Spire and add bonuses such as mastery EXP all skills and more. Achievements will eventually be added that will unlock special card slot enhancements that can only go in this charm. The Charm is account based (as is Spire progression) and all of your characters will have access to it and it's bonuses!

So get ready to climb!

Server finally migrated to cloud

Okay, I finally managed to migrate the server to a google cloud VPS based on windows server so that I can fully develop on it and have it mirror my developement environment and not try to convert stuff to Linux. This server should be faster/more responsive to people globally since it is now hosted on google cloud. 

All 4th jobs now available!

Much as the title says all 4th jobs have now been enabled and have their skills!

Welcome to ROTFR!

Welcome to the new control panel for The Fractured Realms, be sure to visit the Discord!