Current Server Status

Make sure to run "The Fractured Realms.exe" as administrator so you can open the game from it!

It is highly recommended to use 7zip to decompress this to avoid certain issues!

------[Get the full install here!]------


My patcher gets flagged false positive by many antivirus heuristics, so you will probably need to "allow" it to go through. I have tried to fix it but there's seemingly nothing I can do, if you have a solution for Thor Patcher doing this let me know on discord.


This requires a full kRO download, there's one below but you might have to find another!

------[Get the Lite Installer]------


If you are using an older version of the client (prior to 2024) and having issues, this is just the .grf files and System folder. This should help resolve problems, you should not need to delete the rotfr.dat file now as this contains a replacement.

------[Get the Data Files]-----


This is probably a slow download but here's one version of the full korean client. It needs to be updated though.

------Download the base 2021 Korean client! ------