The Spire of Infinity

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Entry into The Spire

The entrance of the spire located through the portal on the left side of the castle.

The Spire of Infinity is a new (nearly) endless dungeon that pits players against very strong boss monsters 1v1 with no outside buffs allowed.

Upon entering the spire you are cleared of buffs and have any amount of time to prepare. Once you engage the boss you are on a timer to enrage and must kill it quickly.

Before you enter you can choose between normal mode or hard mode, in hard mode the buffs applied to a boss are more potent and in general the boss has more health and damage.

Boss basic bonuses include things like extra res/mres health damage. There are also stronger bonuses though such as clones where you have 2-3 bosses instead of just 1. Other new bonuses include periodic healing to the boss or damage to the player and powerful totems summoned every so often. These totems can render the boss immune to damage, heal them or provide them a big damage boost.

Spire Masters Charm

An example of a high level Spire Master Charm.

The Spire Masters Charm is a new charm type item that is account bound and will be applied to any characters you have.

Your highest achieved levels in normal and hard mode influence the mods on the charm making them stronger and adding new ones as you climb the spire.

These mods are very strong and include all skills as well as bonus experience and mastery levels.

Mods are gained/enhanced every 40 floors

Spire Masters Charm can be enchanted by entrance NPC. Click here to see the options.