Exclusive Item Options

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Multi-strike (works with physical damage)

  • Increase number of hits of the skill at % chance.
    • Multi-strike can be stacked to 300%. Stacking multistrike will increase the number of hit from the skill.
      • ex) 200% Multistrike will make the skill to hit 3 times. (original skill + 2x multistrike)
      • ex) 250% Multistrike will make the skill to hit 3 or 4 times. (original skill + 2x or 3x, by 50%)
    • Multi-strike option can be transferred to pets (including summoned monster from item such as Spirit stone, Homunculus)

Spell Echo (works with magical damage)

  • Repeats spell at % chance.
    • Spell Echo can be stacked to 300%. Stacking Spell echo will cast one more time.
      • ex) 200% Spell Echo will make player to cast a spell 2 times. (original spell + 2x spell echo)
      • ex) 250% Spell Echo will make player to cast a spell 2 or 3 times. (original spell + 2x or 3x, by 50%)
    • Ground spell such as Psychic wave, Storm gust can be stacked multiple times.

Auto attack and pet damage (works with auto-attack and pet, some auto-attack based skills, and autospell)

  • Massive bonuses specific to auto attacks.
    • Auto attack damage option can be transferred to pets (including summoned monster from item such as Spirit stone, Homunculus)
    • A select group of skills also benefit from this including the melee portion of Duple Light, Triple Attack for Monk and Star Emperors Falling Star attack.
    • Auto-casted skills (such as "Autospell" from sage, "auto-cast" items) get damage bonus from this option, but divided by 10. (300% pet bonus = 30% auto-cast damage bonus)

Double damage (works with any damage type)

  • Double the total damage at % chance. The chance can be stacked and stacking over 100% does not affect anything.

Reduce Reflect damage (from enemy)

  • Decreases reflect damage received (includes max pain and reject sword) by % amount.

Drain HP/SP

  • Drains HP or SP by the amount specified per hit at 100% chance.
  • Drain option works separately from drain option of Hunter fly card or other absorption cards.


  • Elemental/Status resistance - resistance by % vs specified status or elements.
  • Dispel Resistance - % chance to ignore dispel on yourself.
  • Coma Resistance - Reduces the health lost to Coma effect, this is part of the Body Effect Resistance random option which includes Poison, Stun & Bleed but also appears by itself on some items. Having any amount of this can save you from death since instead of going to 1 HP you go to whatever your resistance is as a % of your hp (IE 10% resistance makes coma take you to 10% hp instead of 1).

Skill Radius

  • Increases the radius of skills which have a skill radius assigned to them, this is limited to 7 (15x15) in total.
  • Skill Radius can't increase a skills radius by more than double it's initial radius. IE a radius of 2 (5x5) can be increases to up to 4 (9x9) but a radius of 1 (3x3) can only go up to 2 (5x5).

Faster Cooldown Recovery

  • increase cooldown recovery speed by %.
    • This DOES NOT mean that stacking the option by 100% will remove cooldown. However, it practically remove cooldown if stacked enough, because there is motion delay for each skill.
    • The option works like "Ability Haste" from League of Legend if you've played the game.
    • Reduced cooldown = Original cooldown * (100/100 + faster cooldown recovery value)
    • ex) 100% Faster cooldown recovery for 5s cooldown skill -> 5s * (100/(100+100)) = 2.5 seconds
    • ex ) 400% Faster cooldown recovery for 5s cooldown skill -> 5s * (100/(100+400)) = 1 second
    • It effectively allows you to cast X% more spells in the same time frame as the spell without any cooldown change.

+All Skill Level / Specific Skill level

  • When calculating damage, the skill coefficient is calculated by summing the All skill level and the amount of skill level you have learned.
  • All skill levels also works with passive or buff skills, increasing their effects. However, for balancing purpose, some skills are not affected by +All Skill Levels.
  • +All Skill Level option has max cap of 20. It does not share the max capacity with "Specific skill level" option.


  • Mastery gives you additional level counts. For example, a 100 level character with 100 Mastery will be counted as 200-level.
  • This does not give you FLEE / HIT bonus like the level bonus (it did, but it was removed later)
  • However, in the server level-difference between higher-level monsters and lower-level players is a very important penalty factor, and Mastery reduces the penalty.