The Riftbound Castle

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The Riftbound Castle is the main area where you can plan your adventures, talk to different NPCs, and upgrade your character in different ways.

The Castle is divided in 4 Areas:

Outer Castle

The outside area of the castle, where adventures start. Low level monsters can be found around along with Anabelle. Since it's a beginner's area, there's absolutely nothing hidden in this area and no reason to explore or find anything hidden. At all.

This is a good area to learn that anything higher than your level can, and will, hurt.

  • Helper Anabelle: Gives basic directions to new adventurers and also handles Pendant upgrades, She also provides high level buffs if you get closer to her.
  • Herkemer: An NPC out of reach that has no purpose and doesn't require the adventurer to find a hidden lever. Doesn't have any use.

Castle Main Hall

The Main hall of the castle has many useful NPCs you can interact with and also has a Warp Stone to warp to any unlocked stone. At first you only have access to Prontera and must manually unlock other places. It's recommended to use this Kafra as your main kafra for ease of access to everywhere else.

  • Job Master: Allows you to evolve, change or swap your job class and sub class.
  • Stat/Skill Reset: Allows distribution of high amounts of stats or reset of stats or skills.
  • Helper Katrina: Heals and buffs with high level skills. Just get close to her.
  • Castle Kafra: Allows saving, Acess to storage and buying extra storages.
  • Stylist Jaina: Allows you to change hair style, hair color, clothes color and outfit.
  • Tool Dealer: Sells multiple consumables, including skill catalysts.
  • Rift Tracker Monica: Tracks the location of the Fractured Maps on the game. She also has a quest to give you a set of starting gear when you reach level 90.
  • Rental Master: Enables rent of falcon, cart or mounts.
  • Bob the Merchant: Sells items with slots and no mods, useful for basic gearing or swapping.
  • Card Trader: Allows trading cards for special albums with all kinds of cards.
  • PVP Warper: Sends you to a simple PVP enabled map, beware the server is NOT balanced very well for PVP.
  • Valkyrie Kara: Can give you a lot of information about the server as well as help you track where you have got fractured coins for the week/day.
  • Bulvar Getevik: Gives a daily rift clear quest which has some nice rewards including a fractured coin!
  • Gold Event Portals: There's 2 portals that lead to events that occur every hour on the hour and half hour marks. There is also a permanent Gold Portal that leads to any active invasions of Rift Monsters on maps.

Castle West Wing

On the West Wing of the Riftbound Castle you can find different NPCs for special progression of your character

  • Melissa: Allows you to buy Fractured Items and Specific Boxes, for more information check Quarter Master. All items here have unique effects.
  • Donation Shop: Where you can buy Fractured Coins, VIP tokens and Treasure Boxes (for Zeny).
  • Esmerelda: The Fractured Item enhancer, allows you to add powerful enhancements to fractured items.
  • Master Ken: Increases your max level cap and gives some base stats, at the price of either zeny or Fractured Coins, the price increases after each use.
  • 4 Elite Captains: The 4 captains of Rune Midgard give you quests to improve your Pendant.
  • Low Level Rifts and Entry to The Spire: This area contains the lowest level blue rifts as well as the entrance to The Spire of Infinity.

Castle East Wing

The East Wing of the Riftbound Castle has many useful NPCs to improve and craft new useful items.

  • Madam Theibualt: Can craft Currency from dust, remove cards for free or trade different currency for others.
  • Shady Dan: Creates Enchant Crystals that can apply new enchants to start modding a item from scratch with many quality levels. Also sells Shadow Boxes and Costume Boxes which create account bound Shadow Gear and Costumes you can use.
  • Alchemist Pezzletug: Upgrades an items Enchant Grade, which improves the effects of refining on all items as well as granting special bonuses on some items.
  • Riftmaster Yobo : Allows you to craft or upgrade Infinity Limitless Stones. Also allows you to use Rift Charge you can obtain from finishing rifts to buy gems and materials.
  • Master Artisan Ryan : Can craft items that can be used from Lv1 (or tier 2 versions that require level 500) and have a variety of slots and stats, for more information see Crafting.
  • Master Artisan Ed: Can refine your items and also use Eternal Steel, which has 100% success rate and can go up to +100.
  • Master Artisan Leiborou: Can craft Eternal Steel to be used by Ed.
  • Costume Exchanger Alina: Can craft ANY costume that can drop in the game for a set of procedurally.

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