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Exploration of the game world is done directly by the player, there are Warp Stones that need to be unlocked on many maps and dungeons.


  • Only Prontera is unlocked as a warp destination. New World can be accessed through the cat NPC on Eden headquarters.
  • There are no kafra teleport options, only airship and ferry services in izlude/alberta.
  • Most dungeons had quest requirements removed, same for instances.
  • Sometimes dungeon warp stones might be on the second floor or higher (for example, payon dungeon has 2 stones, one near illusion entrance and one on 2F)

Dungeons and Access

This list changes constantly and is being developed on by the Staff.

  • Nameless Island can be traveled through the boat on veins south directly.
  • Thanatos Tower has free access to all floors.
  • Turtle Island, Kiel Dungeon and Rachel Sanctuary doesn't require quests.
  • Satan Morroc zones only require speaking to the continental guard.
  • Nightmare Biolabs (bio5) only requires you to step on a cursed tile near on the regular dungeon.
  • More dungeons can be tested as they may or may not already be unlocked with no quests. Assume any dungeon not mentioned here requires quests.
  • Past Odin, Abyss Lake Depths, Gemstone Caverns and Blighted Glast Heim are all available as usual with NPCs or warp spots.
  • Verus area and instances are unlocked with their regular quests.
  • All Illusion dungeons have quest entrances and restrictions removed. Entrance locations vary.


The hero's trail/bifrost bridge can be accessed on the official spots. the easiest route is through the red warp on the new world camp.

It's important to notice that due to the high level system of the server, most of these will be easily destroyed past level 900 for example. Their items and cards might still be worth farming. Instances are NOT REQUIRED to progress ingame

Eden Headquarters > Cat NPC > Talk to small cat npc > New World Access > Red Portal near spawn.

  • Sky Fortress is now on the hero's trail and not invaded prontera.
  • Morroc questline instances (bios island/morse cave) are available and require quests, Temple of Demon God is currently disabled.
  • Old Glast Heim normal mode is available. Hard isn't. It's possible to fully enchant a boot only on normal mode.
  • Sarah's Memory, Sarah vs Fenrir, Geffen Magic Tournament, Ghost Palace, Faceworm Nest and Airship Raid are available as usual on the hero's trail.
  • Horror Toy Factory, Endless Tower, and others are available as usual.
  • Buwaya cave doesn't require a quest, Bakonawa lake and Bangungot Hospital do.
  • Wolfchev Laboratory only requires the final quest (talking to the rogue outside the sewers)
  • Banquet for heroes and Terra Gloria are working as expected (needs confirmation).
  • There are also new Raid instances available.
  • Edda instances and GH Challenge Modes are not available (but their items might be in the future).

Basic Progress Route

Only a handful of starting cities are unlocked at first.

  • Unlock warp to Izlude, the airship does still work. Unlock prontera sewers and stones.
  • Unlock new world and instances on hero's trail.
  • Take airship to far away places and unlock new areas in hugel/veins/rachel/yuno/lighthalzen/einbroch.
  • Grind and level on usual spots, make sure to craft items you may not drop.
  • After Level 100 to 200, rifts and fractured maps are the main source of experience, they can also be started from Lv100+ (but will be hard).
  • Rifts are better for exp, instances for their specific loot and regular maps for normal drop and zeny farming), Not forgetting fractured maps get extra drop rates.
  • Random drops are better farmed on rifts due to extra rates and MVPS/Events

New World and Towns

  • To access new world easily, talk to the cat on eden group (eden can be accessed from the girl npc near the izlude center square)
  • Follow the cat's questline (it's pretty simple) talking to the small cat near where the agent warps you, and then near the edge of the dimensional gorge.
  • You now will be in midgard exploration camp, the first town of new world.
  • The red warp right behind it can be used to access different maps and the hero's trail, where you can find multiple instances or quick warps to different places like south of el dicastes or near mora village.
  • Another option is to talk to the cat number 4 in mid_camp 207/234, he can warp you to all other cat agents on fields, and from those, you can go to even more agents. this way you can access the whole new world.